Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nanyuki hotel warning - theft from room

Despite terrorism warnings and the decision of government travel advisories to advise against visiting the Lamu archipelago, it is ordinary low-grade crime that is the usual problem for tourists and occasionally ruins a holiday. This December 2011 email from a Belgian reader is typical - though it's only fair to say I don't get this kind of news very often:

Hello, Recently my girlfriend and I went to Kenya for a 3 weeks holiday. We used the Rough guide edition May 2010.

I would like to inform you that on page 167 the Lions Court Lodge is mentioned as an accommodation in Nanyuki. Please be informed or warned that this is an unsafe place to stay although it is a lodge with security guard. We booked a new cottage for 2 nights, but unfortunately we have been robbed and a lot of values have been stolen during dinner while away from our room. We suspect that there was some help from inside the hotel because our door was opened with the master-key because we couldn't find any scratch. After the robbery the door was closed again. When we declared the theft at the reception desk we were very disappointed that we got no support or help from the staff or management. Even the Police was not called.

Although this lodge is situated on the way to Sweetwaters I suggest to remove this lodge from a future release. After insistence to the management, the only thing they did was returning my money I paid for our 2 days stay. Unfortunately our vacation was disturbed very much.

I already visited many countries in Africa but never had problems like these in the past. I'm aware that staying in hotels or lodges in Africa is not always safe but I think it might be a good idea to mention this incident on your Kenya blog to avoid that other tourist may have the same problem.

King regards,
Dany Cuyt


  1. Very sad, and thank you for the warning. We will be visiting nanyuki soon, and are looking for a place to stay. Any recommendations? security paramount, child friendly and good value for money.

  2. I'd recommend Kongoni Camp, on the north side of town (off the Isiolo road). Have a good stay!


  3. This is very sad and although rare. some of this things do happen in hotels and lodges but mostly in town setups. The culprits will mostly be the staff since no one from the outside would have access to master keys to the rooms without assistance from the inside. These are things that spoil our image as a destination and must be vigorously eliminated.

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  4. I've recently moved to Nanyuki and one of the warnings we were given is to stay away from Lions' Court Lodge. It is in one of the worst parts of Nanyuki town. Best and safest hotels so far in my opinion are Kongoni Camp near town. And a tented camp on the Mt Kenya road called Summer Gardens.

  5. Better is Old house lodges or Falcon hotel in Nanyuki, very safed and not so expensive, but very nice Area

  6. i Agree. Kongoni Camp is ideal. I visited the camp early this year. There is also Falcon Heights hotel near the general hospital.

  7. A very naïve email from someone who've supposedly travelled 'MANY' countries in Africa. I find the story implausible and lacks credibility to say the least.

  8. It's all a bit historical - happened over 3 years ago. But I've absolutely no reason to doubt what Dany says is true. Why do you find it implausible Mr/Ms Anonymous?

  9. I was in a large group of people who stayed at Lion's court for a conference nearby, lasting four days. It was a wonderful stay. The hotel is renovated and under new management. It did not seem to be a bad area. Nothing like this happened to anyone. I wanted to write something because the hotel was really clean, nice, the staff incredibly welcoming and friendly, and the food delicious. It's a shame, this is one of the first things that come up online, but the hotel is really nice and a great value.

    As an aside, of course these things can happen anywhere. I've never traveled in Africa before, but all over SE Asia, South America, Europe, and India, and no matter where I go in the world I don't leave valuables in the room.

    Safe and pleasant travels everyone