Thursday, January 11, 2007

Inaccurate hotel descriptions. . . oops.


Pierre Oberson of Kijani House Hotel in Shela, Lamu, has emailed to point out that the hotel isn't properly described in the new edition. Which is a pity as Pierre emailed with updates and Kijani was visited for this edition. But somehow in the conversion from research notes to edited text to laid out page. . .Well, mistakes happen and this blog is one way of correcting them. In fact, Pierre reminds me that he's Swiss, not French (!), that the standard rooms were improved several years ago and that the phrase "not as luxurious as you might imagine" is exactly how we described Kijani in the last edition, which does seem kind of casual . . Shela is so beautiful anyway, everything is a bit relative - it's certainly a delightful hotel, and I'm glad at least we mentioned the pools and garden. Also, they have a new website address, though the old one still works. The rather misty-looking Google Earth image shows the whole of Shela and Lamu beach stretching away to the west. I want to be there, now. . .

If anyone notes other inaccuracies in hotel listings, please do let me know.