Saturday, November 20, 2010

Majestic Kenya. . .In Proposal Territory with Will & Kate

My piece in today's Daily Express on a trip to the captivating and unforgettable Il Ngwesi Lodge was commissioned last Tuesday, within minutes of the announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement. Most of the piece, covering Kenya holiday advice, has been published in the paper almost exactly as I filed it, with the exception of the headings.

One significant difference, however, is the section at the end, headed "The Knowledge" which has replaced the information I provided. So. . . if you're interested in going on safari in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, family home of Jecca Craig, to stay at any of their five lodges and houses, or making the exciting journey up to Il Ngwesi Lodge or even at the remote Lake Rutundu cabins where the whole kneeling down/champagne/hot water bottle business happened, then do visit the Kenya Tourist Board and check out the following excellent Kenyan operators:

Gamewatchers: superb safari camp operator and agent, leading the way in responsible tourism in Kenya with its Porini eco-camps.
Cheli & Peacock: owner and manager of some of Kenya's most beautifully constructed and sensitively managed camps and lodges.
Let's Go Travel: all-round brilliant people who can book just about anything in Kenya and also run well-organised budget safaris.
The Safari & Conservation Company: Boutique camps and lodges – including Rutundu Log Cabins – in some of Kenya's most beautiful places.

Photo: Il Ngwesi staff say farewell

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Recent articles: Samburu, Nairobi National Park, Best beaches in Kenya


Some recent Kenya articles, containing Kenya holiday advice: my story in yesterday's Independent about the rebirth of Samburu National Reserve, my piece in Qatar Airways' inflight magazine Oryx on Nairobi National Park, and my roundup of the best beaches on the Kenya coast for Virgin Atlantic's Vtravelled website.

Photos: Elephant Watch Camp (Samburu National Reserve) and camp manager Sevenoy Letoiye, teenage elephants.