Thursday, September 28, 2006

Google Earth in Kenya


If you haven't looked at Google Earth for a while, you'll find the Kenya coverage has improved somewhat, with hi-res coverage of greater Nairobi and good stretches of the coast, including Diani, Malindi and Lamu town, but not Mombasa yet. The sheer number of vehicles in Nairobi is astonishing, and all of them, it seems, white. While the relentless development of Diani is plain to see, you also get a clear view of which areas of Diani forest remain largely untouched — not many, but at least we can all see where they are now. Anyway, Google Earth is certain to become an essential resource for travellers scoping out their destinations, not least to check whether you're sharing the beach with just the other guests in your hotel, or half a dozen other establishments jostling for the same strip. The image here is of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant and rhino orphanage in Nairobi National Park. The satellite picture must have been captured between 11am and noon – the only time you can visit.