Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Current train timetable Nairobi Mombasa

I photographed this at Nairobi station on 31 October 2011. I can't make any claims for its accuracy - and the landline numbers 2044476 and 2044479 appear to be two digits too short (they are probably actually 020/44476xx and 020/44479xx but almost certainly not working anyway) - but it's all the information that's available. The twice weekly Nairobi Mombasa Nairobi service is definitely running at present, with these prices.

2nd class: Ksh1150
1st class: Ksh2170
Bedding: Ksh320 (automatically included with ticket, not sure if you can avoid paying)
Breakfast: Ksh470 (optional)
Dinner: Ksh700 (optional)

Incidentally, the Nairobi Kisumu Nairobi service is currently suspended once again (they told me on 31 October that the last train from Kisumu was departing that evening).


  1. Paid 6,500 Kes some phoney travel agent

  2. Yes, that seems to be a popular level of mark-up.

    You can understand agents need to make something for the trouble of going down to the station with their cash and buying tickets on someone's behalf, but perhaps not the best par of 100%

  3. The KR fare schedule seems correct. I take the train to coast about once a year

  4. so I I overpaid cool Kes 2,500 more omg

  5. Well, you paid $25 for someone to buy the ticket for you. If the actual cost of the ticket was a lot more, that perhaps wouldn't bother you so much, but since you would have paid for the ticket and agent's fee in advance, it's hard to see where the cost lies to the agent apart from the practical business of going down to the station with your money and buying the ticket. In the Kenyan context, I would have thought a $10 service fee would be ample. There's no shortage of people in Nairobi and Mombasa who would happily do the job for that.

    I like forward to an agent posting an offer to sell tickets for a flat markup.

  6. Thank you for posting this. I found out more info will also be available at riftvalleyrailways.com.

  7. I wish. . . There's really nothing on that RVR website at the moment.
    I've just noticed in my last comment, above, I wrote "I like forward to an agent posting an offer to sell tickets for a flat markup". What I meant was "I LOOK forward to an agent doing that. . ." At present, all agents seem to simply sell tickets for excessive commission compared with the actual net price of the tickets.

  8. the correct contact phone and current schedule (as i was informed over the phone is as follows):

    Nairobi to Mombasa: MON, WED & FRI
    Time: 1900 HRS
    FARE: 1st class = 4405 KSh

    contact phone = +254 20 2044476

    cheers. happy travels.

    1. I agree. To those who feel ripped off here's an explanaton:
      4,405 Kenya Shillings (£38 / $60) per person sharing a 2-berth compartment, including dinner and breakfast in the restaurant car.

      *This is the ticket office price, if you pre-book through a reliable agency the fare is usually around $75.

      Children (aged 3-11) 2,795 Kenya Shillings, children under 3 free.

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