Friday, March 05, 2010

Samburu floods

Although there are mercifully no reports of any deaths or serious injuries, it looks like the Ewaso Nyiro floods of March 4th have completely swamped all the riverbank lodges and camps in Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserves, leaving just Samburu Sopa and Saruni to the north of the river, the new Buffalo Springs Simba Lodge on its slightly higher ground and Joy's Camp way over in the southeast in Shaba. I wouldn't forsee any of the following re-opening before the middle of the year, and some may wait to reopen until the next high season, giving them time to make significant repairs and upgrades:

Ashnil Samburu
Elephant Bedroom Camp (Atua Enkop)
Elephant Watch Camp
Samburu Intrepids
Samburu Game Lodge
Samburu Serena

Some may have to relocate - I doubt many owners would want to risk a repeat of these floods, which are the highest ever recorded.

It's good to see the government being more proactive than usual and they say they're going to post further updates here.


  1. Many of the lodges, situated beside the river for the views, have been damaged by the water, several of them have been closed until the end of March. All our clients due to visit before then have been reprotected in undamaged lodges in case the original ones do not reopen in time. The game-viewing is unaffected and excellent.

  2. I am interested to know if the ruined lodges are being rebuilt and if so when they might reopen?

    many thanks,


  3. Yes, me too. I know that Intrepids won't be reopening until at least September, and I believe in a different areas, further from possible flood damage in the future.


  4. Samburu Intrepids is reopening mid Decimber 2010.