Sunday, June 28, 2009

Diamond Beach Village, Manda Island

If you want to be in the Lamu area, but not in Lamu town, nor in the increasingly over-developed and over-the-top atmosphere of Shela, then staying just across the creek, in this rustic little beach resort, is an affordable way to do it. Diamond Beach is on the southern arm of Manda island (the island where Lamu's airstrip is located), and it's the nicest of several small property developments. Tuned into the local mood and utterly relaxing – all sandy toes, wooden boards and horizontal living –  it has simple self-contained bandas with good nets and decent bathrooms, and a delightfully wacky treehouse in a baobab. Ecological principles and a superb beachfront location, just 10 minutes in their boat from Lamu town, or for that matter from Peponi, add up to a very fine place to stay. They have evening electricity and pride themselves on really good food. It's £60 ($100) per night for two, including breakfast, which in this location, with this level of comfort, convenience and general blissfulness, is a snip.


  1. good posting.i like it. thank u. :)-

  2. good posting.i like it. thank u. :)-